Netflix And Chill Variations

This Guy Got Netflix-And-Chilled On Tinder – also it resulted in Amazingness On Reddit

So this took place:


Which is cool and all. We live in a contemporary culture, and also the slow erosion of social taboos around sexual interest ensures that (*gasp*) women is now able to acknowledge they want to get put, as well. When this Redditor shared this proof that a female he paired with on Tinder desired him to come more than and do a li’l Netflix and cool (aka boning), not one person ended up being that surprised. Nevertheless the best part? They began discovering variations about theme. And so they had been awesome.

Plus they happened to be many:

Maybe not… of those caught on theme…

With the much to choose from, it’s hard knowing which Netflix and cool variation is right for you. But if you’re a straight-shooting, no-messing-around man that’s on a budget, may we suggest this option?

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